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Basic Garage Door Suggestions

Learn more about garage doors with these tips!

Have a browse through our tips page if you’re interested in learning more about garage door design and care. See all the information that our team has provided below.

Don't ignore sensor problems

The purpose of garage door opener sensors is to provide safety and prevent accidents or even property damage. If they are not in a good condition or do not work alright due to misalignment or wiring issues, they won't serve that purpose, and you and your family could potentially be in danger of getting hurt. It's best to check the reverse system often by putting an obstacle under the door and seeing if it reverses once the sensors detect the obstacle.

Test the calibration periodically

Sensors of automatic garage door openers may lose calibration over time or when the power supply gets cut off. A slight change in calibration can cause a delay in response or even make the entire system unresponsive. Our experts recommend periodic testing of your sensor's calibration in order to avoid any troubles in the future.

How to winterize garage doors

To avoid problems during the cold winter months, make sure the mechanical garage door parts are checked and are properly lubricated. Get good retainers with strong weather seals for the door's sides and give extra attention to its bottom seal. You can install polystyrene inserts at the back of your door as well.

The importance of safety cables

Safety cables are just as important as your garage door springs, as they help keep the springs contained if they happens to snap. If you have extension springs, you will have to invest in safety cables that run through the spring and are secured to the wall on both ends. They should in no way affect the functioning of the extension springs, so have a professional install them for you to make sure they're properly adjusted.

Garage door track cleaning

Our experts advise homeowners to properly clean the tracks of their garage doors. First, never lubricate the track as it tends to accumulate dirt and dust and can create a thick mud-like layer that will worsen your system's performance. Clean the inner area of the track with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. Use a mild cleaning solution to remove any sticky residue.


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